What is Acer company


Acer Inc.  or Acer Incorporated is a Taiwanese computer manufacturer founded by Stan Shih, specializing in research and development, design, production, and sale of computer products.

2- Where is Acer based

It has its headquarters in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan.  Founded by Stan Shih and others, Acer was ranked as the world's fourth-largest personal computer vendor in 2013.

3- When was Acer founded

Stan Shih, along with his wife Carolyn Yeh and five others, founded Acer as Multitech in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, in 1976. Initially starting with eleven employees and a capital of US$25,000, the company began its journey.

4- How Acer Works

Acer laptops often come with Microsoft Windows pre-installed, including versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7. Additionally, certain Acer laptops are built to operate on Google's Chrome OS, a streamlined system tailored for web browsing and online productivity.

5- Who owns Acer

Acer, being publicly traded, is owned by its shareholders, with the largest shareholders or stakeholders having a significant impact on the company's direction and decisions.

6- What is the main purpose of Acer

Acer stands as a leading global computer manufacturer renowned for its extensive experience in the industry.  Over time, Acer has diversified its product line, offering laptops in various sizes, colors, and specifications.  From lightweight Chromebooks to robust Ultrabooks and eye-catching computers to high-performance gaming laptops, Acer caters to a wide range of consumer preferences.

7- How many people work for Acer

By December 2022, Acer employed a total of 7,725 individuals worldwide (Note 1).  This workforce comprised 7,308 regular employees, with 4,507 males and 2,801 females, along with 417 temporary employees, consisting of 317 males and 100 females.

8- How much does Acer pay

On average, Acer employees in the United States earn $64,218 per year.  Salaries at Acer span from $38,000 annually for those in the bottom 10th percentile to $107,000 for individuals in the top 90th percentile.  Hourly wages at Acer average $30.87.  Additionally, geographic location plays a significant role in Acer salaries, with employees in Sunnyvale, CA receiving the highest pay.

9- Why is Acer so successful

Incredible Value and Variety.  Acer offers a wide range of laptops, from budget-friendly options to high-end models.  They cater to specific needs like artistic versatility, business portability, and gaming excellence.

Easy Replacement of Parts (Mostly).  While premium laptops may not fall under this category, Acer's affordable laptops often allow for easy part replacements.  Although some budget models lack durability, Acer's ample stock of backup parts ensures repairability.

Outstanding Gaming Experience.  Acer excels in gaming laptops, especially with its Predator series, known for top-tier specs that enhance competitive gaming experiences.

Constant Innovation in New Models.  Acer prioritizes innovation in its premium laptops, integrating small yet impactful features for user convenience, distinguishing their products in the market.

10- The Future of Acer

Acer has established a heritage of excellent products supported by strong values.  Going forward, we anticipate Acer will persist in introducing valuable products featuring top-notch specifications, alongside championing vital causes such as sustainability and community education.

11- What is the most common problem of Acer laptop

Acer laptops may experience overheating issues, resulting in frequent fan noise and potential performance issues.  This overheating is typically caused by dust buildup in the cooling system or inadequate application of thermal paste.

12- Is Acer a trusted company

Aside from laptops, Acer manufactures tablets, smartphones, VR devices, and Predator gaming PCs.  Acer, a multinational electronics company, holds the distinction of being the world's 6th largest PC vendor, solidifying its reputation as a trusted brand with extensive experience in the electronics industry.

13- Is Acer a Chinese company

Acer Inc.  is a multinational hardware and electronics corporation based in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan.