CA Technologies company

 In 2006, CA Technologies was the fifth-largest software publisher with around 16,000 employees.  The company was acquired by Broadcom in 2018, leading to its delisting from NASDAQ.

1- Where is CA Technologies based

CA Technologies, headquartered in New York, is a multinational company specializing in IT management software.  Established in 1976 by Russ Artzt and Charles B. Wang, it was recognized in Forbes' '100 Most Innovative Companies' list for 2011.

2- When was CA Technologies founded

Founded in 1976 by Charles Wang and Russell Artzt, CA Technologies launched its inaugural product, CA SORT, designed to provide sort, merge, and copy functionalities for the OS/390 market.  This software significantly enhanced the capabilities of IBM mainframes, enabling businesses to maximize their operational efficiency.

3- What kind of CA Technologies company

CA Technologies stands out as the premier supplier of solutions for application development, management, and security.  Its software empowers both government agencies and businesses to harness the potential of the application economy, driving transformative outcomes.

4- Who owns CA Technologies

Broadcom's acquisition of CA Technologies, known for its frequent acquisitions, has been finalized.  This $18.9 billion cash transaction marks a significant departure from Broadcom's core chip business, likely avoiding the regulatory hurdles that impacted its previous bid to acquire Qualcomm.

5- What is the main purpose of CA Technologies

CA Technologies develops software solutions for mainframe, distributed computing systems, virtual machines, and cloud computing environments.  Apart from its focus on API integration and development, the company also offers a range of security products.

6- How many people work for CA Technologies

At CA Technologies, there are 11,500 employees.  Among them, 82 employees have evaluated the company across different cultural aspects, sharing their insights on various factors such as executive ratings and work pace.

7- How much does CA Technologies pay

The salary at CA Technologies varies widely, with an average annual range from $47,910 for Programmer Analysts to $198,952 for Web Designers.  Hourly wages also vary, ranging from $13.85 for Data Entry Clerks to $28.08 for Entry Level Technicians.

8- Why is CA Technologies so successful

Operating in a fiercely competitive global market, CA Technologies faces a challenging sales environment with intense price pressures.  To boost performance vis-a-vis competitors and enhance margins and cash flow, the company prioritizes improving negotiating outcomes.  This involved developing the skills and confidence of its widely dispersed sales force, many of whom had relatively short tenures with the company.

9- The Future of CA Technologies

At CA Technologies, we empower customers to thrive in a future where software is reshaping every industry, from fashion to energy. Our software spans planning, development, management, and security, driving transformation in the application economy. By integrating CA software into their IT strategies, organizations harness technology that revolutionizes our daily lives, bridging the gap from data centers to mobile devices.

10- What are some key challenges facing CA Technologies

Customers presented the sales team with negotiation hurdles such as:

Imposing unrealistic project delivery timelines to force implementation.

Using non-response as a strategy during negotiations.

Anticipating significant end-of-quarter discounts due to industry norms.

Seizing every chance to push for lower prices.