Autodesk Inc, an American multinational software corporation, offers a range of software products and services for various industries including architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment.

1- Where is Autodesk based

The company is based in San Francisco, California, and maintains global offices.  In the United States, Autodesk has offices in California, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  Additionally, it has offices in Canada, specifically in Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta.

2- When was Autodesk founded

Established in 1982, Autodesk identified a need in the market for an accessible CAD system.  The company's flagship product, AutoCAD, stands as the most extensively utilized CAD program globally, boasting over 40,000 installations as of January 31, 1986.

3- What kind of Autodesk company

Autodesk Inc.  (Autodesk) specializes in offering software and services for engineering, 3D design, and entertainment.  The company's diverse product lineup features tools like Fusion360, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Info360 Asset, Autodesk Build, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Maya software, and 3ds Max software.  Catering to clients in architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, digital media, and entertainment sectors, Autodesk distributes its products through resellers, distributors, its online store, and direct sales to customers.

4- Who owns Autodesk

The largest shareholders of Autodesk, Inc.  (NasdaqGS:ADSK) include Vanguard Group Inc., BlackRock Inc., State Street Corp, VTSMX - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares, Loomis Sayles & Co L P, VFINX - Vanguard 500 Index Fund Investor Shares, Polen Capital Management Llc,  Fmr LLC, Geode Capital Management, LLC, and Aristotle Capital Management, LLC.  The company's institutional ownership structure reflects the current holdings by various institutions and funds, along with recent changes in position size.  These major shareholders encompass individual investors, mutual funds, hedge funds, and institutions.

5- What is the main purpose of Autodesk

Autodesk's mission is to enable innovators through design and technology, empowering them to reach new frontiers.  Our technology encompasses architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, and media and entertainment, enabling innovators worldwide to tackle challenges of all scales.

6- How many people work for Autodesk

In 2022, Autodesk, headquartered in the United States, saw a rise of 1.1 thousand employees (+8.73 percent) compared to 2021, reaching its peak with 13.7 thousand employees in the given period.

7- How much does Autodesk pay

The typical salary at Autodesk varies, starting at around $61,999 annually for Business Development Representatives and rising to $212,132 annually for Senior Architects.  Hourly wages at Autodesk range from approximately $17.97 for Receptionist/Administrative Assistants to $112 for User Experience Designers.

8- Why is Autodesk so successful

Autodesk's Design and Make Platform offers powerful tools for 3D animation, visual effects, and production management, empowering creativity.

Approximately 75% of their revenue stems from software tailored for the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors, with the remaining portion contributed by manufacturing and media.  Many of their software offerings, such as AutoCAD, have long been industry standards.

9- The Future of Autodesk

The future of innovation has arrived, ushering in transformative shifts in design, production, and utilization across industries like architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and media and entertainment.  This disruption presents an opportunity for those equipped with the right knowledge and tools.

Industries are blending and accelerating innovation.  Examples abound, from microfactories customizing products for discerning consumers to construction companies producing their prefabricated components, and media companies adopting previsualization techniques from the automotive sector for their entertainment projects.

Successful businesses of tomorrow will embrace a dynamic approach to design, production, and utilization.  The traditional linear process has evolved into iterative cycles of input and feedback, marking a new era in creation.

10- What are some key challenges facing Autodesk

The manufacturing industry faces several significant challenges currently. A prominent issue is the widening skills gap and shortage, projected to leave 2.1 million manufacturing jobs unfilled in North America by 2030. Traditional training methods, such as four-year apprenticeships or costly vocational courses, pose a substantial barrier to entry for aspiring manufacturing professionals.

Another pressing concern is the escalating costs within the industry. Procuring raw materials has become more challenging and expensive, leaving little margin for error. Moreover, disjointed workflows across teams necessitate purchasing multiple software solutions unnecessarily, further increasing costs.

The challenge of supply chains is also prevalent, especially concerning machine maintenance and repair. With disruptions in supply chains, obtaining replacement parts promptly has become difficult, leading to decreased productivity and eventual profit loss. International orders for parts could take weeks or months, time that many businesses cannot afford to lose.

11- Autodesk jobs

Based on more than 4,745 anonymous employee reviews, Autodesk holds a strong overall rating of 4.3 out of 5. A significant 86% of employees would recommend Autodesk as a workplace to their friends, while 82% express a positive outlook for the business.  Notably, this rating has remained stable over the past 12 months.