Amdocs company


Amdocs, a prominent provider of software and services to telecommunications and media firms, offers cutting-edge solutions, intelligent operational strategies, and efficient delivery methods.

1- Where is Amdocs based

Amdocs, based in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, has established offices across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, including locations in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and more.

2- When was Amdocs founded

Established in 1982, Amdocs is a company that delivers software applications and services to over 250 enterprises operating in the communications, media, and entertainment sectors across more than 90 nations.

3- How Amdocs Works

Amdocs, a leading supplier of software and services for telecommunications and media companies, delivers cutting-edge solutions and specialized knowledge in efficient operations and delivery.

Their vision is to create a connected world where individuals are empowered, and communities are inclusive, fostering sustainable development.

4- Who owns Amdocs

Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX) is primarily owned by institutional shareholders, accounting for 92.83%, with no ownership by Amdocs insiders, and 7.17% owned by retail investors.  FMR LLC holds the largest individual stake in Amdocs, owning 17.51 ​​million shares, which equates to 15.03% of the company and is valued at $1.50 billion.

5- What is the main purpose of Amdocs

At Amdocs, we take pride in our impactful contributions.  Through creativity and technology, we enhance lives and advance society, striving for a more connected world.  Our reach extends to billions globally, delivering essential IT solutions for businesses and individuals every day.

Our purpose drives us, fueling our work with enthusiasm and dedication.

In today's landscape, the communications and media sector plays an increasingly crucial role, serving as the backbone of connectivity and providing vital information and entertainment access.  Our offerings empower customers to craft seamless digital experiences, ultimately enhancing lives worldwide.  Amdocs remains dedicated to enriching lives and driving societal progress.

6- How many people work for Amdocs

Amdocs offers software and services tailored for communications and media service providers, spanning across over 90 countries.  Based in St.  Louis, Missouri, the company boasts a global workforce of about 30,000 employees as of 2022. Leading the company as CEO and president is Shuky Sheffer.

7- How much does Amdocs pay

The estimated average annual salary, comprising base pay and bonuses, at Amdocs stands at $135,300 or an hourly rate of $65.  Meanwhile, the median salary is estimated at $134,134 annually or $64 per hour.

Amdocs' top-paying position is Director of Sales, earning $228,000 annually, whereas the lowest-paid role, Admin Assistant, earns $43,120 annually.  Average salaries across departments at Amdocs are as follows: Design at $121,067, Engineering at $146,467, Operations at $155,060, and Sales at $148,647.  Notably, half of Amdocs' salaries exceed $134,134.

8- Why is Amdocs so successful

Our emphasis on learning, internal mobility, well-being, and diversity is robust.  Additionally, we promote employee participation in the company's achievements, such as through our employee stock purchase plan.

09- The Future of Amdocs

At Amdocs, we strongly advocate for diversity as the foundation of innovation and advancement. Being deeply rooted in technology, we acknowledge the urgent importance of narrowing the gender gap, particularly in sectors where women have been historically marginalized.

Recent data reveals a concerning discrepancy in Gen AI adoption rates between men and women. This disparity not only highlights inequalities in tech involvement but also reinforces biases in Gen AI and its associated tools.

10- What are some key challenges facing Amdocs

The Edge presents significant opportunities for creating and capitalizing on future-use cases and solutions that will shape tomorrow's networks. However, unlocking this potential necessitates addressing operational complexities like lifecycle management and real-time scaling operations.

Opting for a dependable and intelligent network edge solution service provides CSPs with valuable insights on addressing these challenges. Through data analytics and closed-loop systems, they can transition from reactive to predictive operations, enabling them to differentiate and monetize their edge services effectively. This strategic approach positions these entities to fulfill their goals of delivering top-notch edge solutions while aligning with both telco and hyperscale aspects of the business.