Amazon company


Amazon began as an online bookseller in Washington, then expanded its services to include many areas.  The company’s innovations, such as Kindle and Echo, have also contributed to improving its value to customers.  It has become a leader in the field of e-commerce.

When was Amazon founded

The founding date of Amazon company dates back to July 5th, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington, U.S.  Its original founder is Jeff Bezos.

What is Amazon and how does it work

Amazon is considered one of the leading global companies in retailing all products, including clothing, electronics, books, software, cosmetics, groceries, industrial supplies, jewelry, toys, car parts, games, and many others.

What is the main purpose of Amazon

The main purpose of Amazon is to provide all products and services that customers need, characterized by high quality and lower cost.  The website is user-friendly and offers free shipping for most products, with prices being lower compared to other companies.

Who owns Amazon

Jeffrey Bezos is the owner of Amazon company, where he holds the largest number of shares in the company, followed by major investors like Vanguard Group, BlackRock, and State Street.  The decision of the largest shareholder significantly impacts the stock market value in terms of buying and selling.

How much Amazon employees get paid

The average salary for positions at Amazon is more than $20 per hour, but it varies depending on the role and location of the employee.

How many people work for Amazon

The number of employees at Amazon has exceeded 1,608,000 employees, indicating the significant growth and expansion that the company has achieved.

What job pays best at Amazon

The Information Technology manager is the one who receives the highest salary, reaching up to $71 per hour, which amounts to a salary of $147,000.

Why is Amazon so successful

The success of Amazon can be attributed to allowing easy and affordable purchases of anything on the website, with free shipping.  The company has expanded its scope to dominate in information technology and artificial intelligence, covering all products that customers need.

What is amazon prime

A monthly subscription costs $14, while an annual subscription costs $139.  This subscription offers customers privileges such as free shipping on select items that usually incur shipping fees. 

Additionally, customers benefit from free electronic services like membership to Prime Video and Twitch Prime. 

You can cancel your membership at any time by accessing the settings and adjusting membership settings.  There are no penalties after canceling Amazon Prime membership;  you will be charged for the month you use the membership, after which the membership will be suspended.  You can subscribe again at any time.