akamai technologies


Akamai Technologies is an American company that specializes in providing cache servers for businesses.  Web content caching saves Internet bandwidth, which is beneficial especially for high-traffic websites, offering significant cost savings.

1- Where is akamai based

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, Akamai operates in over 40 global offices.  Our services and renowned customer support are crafted to empower businesses in delivering an unmatched internet experience to their global customers.

2- When was akamai founded

The distinction indicated the significant market potential of Internet content delivery.  On August 20, 1998, Dr  Leighton and Mr  Lewin founded Akamai, with Jonathan Seelig (a Sloan school student) and Randall Kaplan also joining the founding team.

3- How akamai Works

Akamai Technologies Inc is a cloud services provider that specializes in delivering, optimizing and securing online content and business applications via the internet.  Their offerings include cloud security, mobile and web performance, carrier services, and media delivery solutions.  Akamai caters to a wide range of industries such as e-commerce, media public sector and network operators.  The company promotes its solutions through various channels including direct sales teams, channel partners, application service providers, system integrators, referral partners, and resellers.  With a global presence spanning the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, Akamai maintains a strong business footprint worldwide.

4- Who owns akamai

The ownership composition of Akamai stock comprises institutional, retail and individual investors.  Institutional Investors hold around 47.87% of the company's stock, while Insiders hold 2.92%, and Public Companies and Individual Investors hold 49.21%.

5- What is the main purpose of akamai

Akamai is a content delivery network that ensures fast and reliable content delivery to users.  It achieves this by caching content on servers placed in data centers worldwide.  When users request content, Akamai routes the request to the nearest server, optimizing content delivery.

6- How many people work for akamai

As of December 31, 2023, Akamai Technologies employed 10,250 individuals, marking a 4.59% increase of 450 employees from the previous year.

7- How much does akamai pay

The average annual salary at Akamai ranges from about $76,061 for Program Specialists to $226,052 for Directors of Engineering.  Hourly pay at Akamai varies from around $20.45 for Executive Assistants/Office Managers to $78.08 for Software Architects.

This salary data is compiled from 831 data points gathered directly from employees, users, and historical job postings on Indeed over the last 36 months.

8- Why is akamai so successful

Akamai possesses an unrivaled edge capacity exceeding 1 Pbps and excels at scale, boasting over 4,100 locations and 1,200 networks across 120+ countries. With the most extensive edge delivery platform, we have a comprehensive view of internet activities, enabling us to skillfully circumvent bottlenecks and provide edge defense.

Their innovation enabled the replication of web server content across multiple servers globally. This allowed information seekers to access data from the nearest server instead of the source server, enhancing search efficiency. This successful system remains in use today, with Akamai servers managing more than 30% of global web traffic.

9- The Future of akamai

Akamai company emphasizes the importance of observing current trends in Latin America to anticipate the future trajectory of business-to-business sales.  He highlights the significant contribution of partners, with 87% of new revenues from new customers last year and 74% the year before coming through partners.

Effective collaboration driven by data with suppliers and channel partners is foundational, but the ability to adjust the product portfolio to evolving demands is equally crucial.  More market leadership is insufficient;  Sustainable business success stems from cultivating enduring relationships grounded in transparency and trust.

10- What are some key challenges facing akamai

Guardicore Segmentation by Akamai offers granular and flexible network segmentation to effectively mitigate risks.  Akamai's Secure Internet Access provides proactive defense against zero-day malware and phishing attacks.  Their Hunt service targets evasive threats through proactive threat hunting.  Additionally, Akamai offers Enterprise Application Access and Akamai MFA solutions for enhanced security measures.

11- What is the main product of Akamai

Discover the capabilities of Akamai Connected Cloud, the globally distributed platform renowned for cloud computing, security, and delivering content.

12- What is Akamai technologies used for

Akamai Technologies Inc is a leading provider of cloud services that optimize, secure, and deliver online content and business applications via the internet.

13- What is Akamai most known for

Discover the offerings of Akamai Connected Cloud, known as the most widely distributed platform globally for cloud computing, security, and delivering content.