Advantest company


Advantest Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is a prominent Japanese company specializing in automatic test equipment (ATE) for the semiconductor sector.  They are also known for manufacturing measuring instruments utilized in designing, producing, and maintaining electronic systems.  These systems encompass a wide range, from fiber optic and wireless communications equipment to digital consumer products.  Advantest's product lineup includes Memory, System on Chip (SoC), and Radio Frequency (RF) test systems.

2- Where is Advantest based

Established in 1954 as Takeda Riken Industry Co., Ltd.  in Tokyo, Japan, Advantest originally focused on manufacturing electronic measuring instruments.  Transitioning into the semiconductor testing sector in 1972, the company made its debut on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1983, eventually rebranding as Advantest Corporation in 1985.

3- When was Advantest founded

Founded in December 1954, Takeda Riken Co., Ltd.  began as a manufacturer specializing in electronic measurement instruments.  Initially comprising only three employees, including founder Ikuo Takeda, the company operated from an office of 3 Tsubo and a workshop of 4 Tsubo.

Since its inception, Advantest has steadfastly prioritized measurement as its primary business domain, consistently advancing and delivering state-of-the-art technologies demanded by the industry.  For further details, please refer to our history.

4- How Advantest Works

Advantest holds the top position as a manufacturer of automatic test and measurement equipment crucial in the semiconductor design and production realm.  Its applications span a wide spectrum, encompassing 5G communications, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, high-performance computing (HPC) inclusive of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, among others.

These cutting-edge systems and products are sophisticated seamlessly integrated into the most semiconductor production lines worldwide.  Moreover, the company engages in research and development endeavors aimed at tackling emerging testing challenges and applications.

It also pioneers advanced test-interface solutions for wafer sort and final test processes, manufactures scanning electron microscopes vital for photomask manufacturing, and provides system-level test solutions along with various test-related accessories.

5- Who owns Advantest

Advantest stock ownership comprises a blend of institutional, retail, and individual investors.  Institutional investors hold around <0.01% of the company's stock, insiders own 0.00%, while public companies and individual investors collectively own 99.99%.

6- What is the main purpose of Advantest

Advantest, the foremost provider of automatic test equipment in the semiconductor sector globally, is committed to developing cutting-edge systems that enhance customer productivity and profitability.

The core mission of Advantest is to bolster advanced technologies in semiconductors and telecommunications, which serve as the foundation for their rapidly advancing information society.  Through offering test and measurement instruments for research and development, as well as ensuring product quality, Advantest plays a pivotal role in translating high-tech breakthroughs into viable commercial applications.

7- How many people work for Advantest

In December 2023, Advantest had a global workforce of 7,117 employees. The Advantest Group has established a fundamental policy ensuring respect for the human rights of each employee, with a commitment to eradicate discrimination based on various factors such as race, gender, age, nationality, religion, social status, disability, illness, sexual orientation, among others. Advantest actively works to eliminate discrimination in hiring and promotions, actively recruiting, developing, and promoting individuals capable of leading in diverse global scenarios.

8- How much does Advantest pay

The average estimated annual salary, inclusive of base pay and bonuses, at Advantest stands at $141,031, equivalent to $67 per hour.  Additionally, the estimated median salary is $142,299, translating to $68 per hour.

9- Why is Advantest so successful

Advantest faced distinct requirements;  Its test cells had an unusually long lifespan, operating for years or even decades within factory settings.  The company sought edge hardware that guaranteed reliability and stability while accommodating the secure deployment of Advantest's proprietary machine-learning algorithms.  Server-class machines emerged as the sole viable solution.  Given its worldwide presence and strong product lineup, HPE OEM, particularly the HPE ProLiant DL360 server, emerged as the perfect match.

10- The Future of Advantest

With a successful 65-year history behind us, our steadfast aim is to evolve into a company with a legacy spanning over a century.  We are committed to ongoing growth, both in our business operations and our expertise.  However, our ambition extends beyond this.  We aspire to claim the top position in the market, aiming for nothing short of being the best.

11- What are some key challenges facing Advantest

Advantest outlines potential business risks that could significantly affect financial outcomes, including financial standing, cash flow, and investor choices.  Each risk scenario and corresponding risk mitigation measures are detailed, although they may not encompass all Advantest-related risks.  Specific risk scenarios and responses are outlined for each risk item.  Moreover, the assessment of “probability of occurrence” considers short-term, mid-term, and long-term perspectives, while the “degree of impact” is evaluated based on quantifiable effects on sales and net income.